Intercoms are an essential electronic equipment for every residential or commercial property. It allows two way communication from inside to the outside of the property. It gives the user the opportunity to talk to the visitor, identify him via the camera and remotely unlock the door or gate for the visitor to enter the property. As a system it consists of the outdoor stations and indoor monitoring units.

In residential properties we can offer solutions from simple analogue audio intercoms to advanced IP systems with camera outdoor stations and up to 7 inches touch screen monitors. In commercial projects we have completed projects with multi entrances and multi residential properties. Whatever your needs are we can offer solutions that suit your needs both aesthetically and technologically.

Residential Analogue

  • Cost Effective
  • Quick Installation
  • Up to two external Stations
  • Different finishes available
  • Wall and flush mounting versions
  • Audio and Video Version available with Wide-angle camera and LED illumination
  • Up to 2 Indoor Monitors
  • 7” colour touch-screen Monitor

IP Residential

  • Megapixel High Definition Camera
  • Vandal Proof
  • Unlimited Entrances
  • Up to 4 Indoor Monitors
  • High Definition 7 inch Monitors
  • Visitor can leave an audio or Video message
  • Automatic picture capturing
  • CCTV Integration
  • Sd card installations with up to 2000 pictures
  • Mobile Application app for remote audio/video conversation and remote unlock of the door

Analogue/2 Wire Commercial Intercom

  • Modular type Intercom
  • Different modules are placed together for maximum
  • Customization
  • Hard button Modules
  • Digital Modules to select the user with vivid display
  • Unlimited floors and apartments
  • Range of Indoor Monitoring Units
  • Access Control Modules with either PIN or Card Authentication
  • Friendly for people with disabilities

IP Commercial Intercom

  • Unlimited Entrance Modules
  • Unlimited Apartments
  • Up to 16 Monitors per Apartment
  • 3.5 Inch Display on Entrance Modules
  • Card or Pin Access Control Authentication
  • Concierge Capability
  • Visitor can leave an audio or Video message
  • 7 inch Monitors with camera
  • Integration with Automation Systems
  • Mobile App for remote audio/video communication with remote unlock capabilities